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Purim: That’s How We Roll!

It wasn’t long before Mordechai heard all about it. He made his way to the palace, all the way wailing and crying out bitterly. He tore his clothes, as was (and still is for some people) the fashion to express mourning. All throughout the land, Jewish people joined him in fasting, weeping and wailing.

Mordechai sent word to Esther that she must intervene on behalf of all the Jews. He told her about HAMAN’s evil plan and the bribe offered to the king. He even showed her a copy of the notice. He insisted that she go before the king and plead with him for her people. But Esther was absolutely petrified. She reminded Mordechai about an awful law stating that if anyone tried to talk to or even approach the king without being summoned, without the king extending his royal scepter, he or she would be put to death. And Esther hadn’t seen that royal scepter for 30 days.

This response did not please Mordechai. “Don’t, for a second, think that just because you’re the queen you’ll escape with your life,” he said. And then he took it a step further. “On the contrary! If you stay silent, then someone else will step in to help, and you and your father’s name will perish. Who knows?” Mordechai continued, “Maybe it was meant to be. Maybe you won the queenly beauty contest for just this purpose!”

This seemed to convince Esther. She sent word back to Mordechai, “Gather all of the Jews who live in Shushan and fast on my behalf. Don’t eat or drink for three days and three nights! My maidens and I will do the same. Then I’ll go to the king even though it’s against the law. And if I die, then well, I die!”

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