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Purim: That’s How We Roll!

All was good at the palace of Achashverosh, life as usual until his new advisor…HAMAN!!…rose to the top of the king’s list and became the top gun. The king ordered everyone to bow down before HAMAN. But guess who refused to bow? You know it, Mordechai! “I’m Jewish!” he explained. “Everyone knows that we don’t bow down before people, only before God.”

Now HAMAN had no patience for it. He was practically manic, and he just about lost his mind over this. And off course, HAMAN was the kind of guy who takes revenge on the whole family. So, rather than planning a punishment for dear Mordechai the Jew, HAMAN plotted to do away with the entire Jewish people.

One night, HAMAN went before the king and in a dastardly, bad-guy kind of a sneaky way proclaimed, “There are a certain people, scattered throughout your land who don’t obey your laws. I don’t think it’s in your best interest to tolerate these…these…people.” And then HAMAN grinned a nasty, sort of eyebrow-raising, twisted bad-guy grin, and he suggested that Achashverosh destroy this nuisance of a people. He even offered a certain large sum of hard cash to help pay for it.

It didn’t take much to convince the king, who probably wasn’t paying much attention to begin with, and the order was sent out across the land. Written instructions were dispatched by couriers to all of the king’s provinces: “On the 13th of Adar, destroy, massacre and exterminate all the Jews—young and old, children and women! Plunder their possessions!” This letter was to be displayed publicly to all the people so they would be ready when the day came.

And wouldn’t you believe it, HAMAN and the king sat down to a feast that very night. The city of Shushan was dumbfounded.

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