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Purim: That’s How We Roll!

Soon after, the king’s advisors suggested that it was time to get a new queen. “Bring in young virgins from near and far. Let’s have a beauty contest right here in Shushan,” they said. “Give them tons of makeup and plenty of time to prepare themselves. Then you can choose whichever one you like the best.” Sounded good to the king! And he sent out the order immediately.

In the town of Shushan there lived a Jew by the name of Mordechai. He had adopted his uncle’s daughter (I guess that makes her his second cousin) after her parents died. Esther grew up to be quite an enchanting beauty, and she too was brought to the palace to enter the beauty contest. When she got there, the head eunuch, Hegai, took a liking to her and gave her all of the best makeup and hair products.

Esther was truly beautiful, but she didn’t speak about herself much because Mordechai instructed her not to tell anyone that she was Jewish. In fact, Mordechai started hanging out by the palace gates just to keep an eye on her. Inside the palace, the beauty contestants spent an entire year preparing to go before the king: six months with oil of myrrh and six months with cosmetics and perfumes. Finally it was Esther’s turn to go before the king. It took all night, but the contest was over; he loved her right from the start. Achashverosh placed the royal diadem on her head, and it was time for another party.

Now, it just so happened that this same night, Mordechai was hanging out by the palace gates and overheard two of the guards talking. Bigthan and Teresh were angry about something, and they were plotting to kill the king! Mordechai told Queen Esther, who turned them into the king in Mordechai’s name. The two guards were impaled on stakes, and it all was recorded in the court diaries.

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