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Resources From Our Library

A Purim bibliography prepared by our Temple librarian...

Preschool Children

Beni’s Family Treasury: Stories for the Jewish Holidays
By Jane Breskin Zalben

Cakes and Miracles: A Purim Tale
By Barbara Diamond Goldin; illustrated by Erika Weihs

A Costume for Noah: A Purim Story
By Sue Remick Topek; illustrated by Sally Springer

Festival of Esther: The Story of Purim
Retold by Maida Silverman; illustrated by Carolyn S. Ewing

Goldie’s Purim
By Jane Breskin Zalben

Here Come the Purim Players!
By Barbara Cohen; illustrated by Shoshana Mekibel

It Happened in Shushan: A Purim Story
By Harriet K. Feder; illustrated by Rosalyn Schanzer

It’s Purim Time!
By Latifa Berry Kropf; photographs by Tod Cohen

The Mitzvah Girl
By Beverly Mach Geller

The Mystery Bear: A Purim Story
By Leone Adelson; illustrated by Naomi Howland

On Purim
By Cathy Goldberg Fishman; illustrated by Melanie W. Hall

The Purim Costume
By Peninnah Schram; illustrated by Tammy L. Keiser

The Purim Parade
By Katherine Janus Kahn

Purim Play
By Roni Schotter; illustrated by Marylin Hafner

Queen Esther Saves Her People
Retold by Rita Golden Gelman; illustrated by Frané Lessac

Queen Esther the Morning Star
By Mordicai Gerstein

Raisel’s Riddle
By Erica Silverman; illustrated by Susan Gaber

Sammy Spider’s First Purim
By Sylvia A. Rouss; illustrated by Katherine Janus Kahn

School-Age Children

The Animated Megillah
By Ephraim Siddon and Rony Oren

Artscroll Youth Megillah: New Simplified Translation and Comments
By Nosson Scherman with Meir Zlotowitz; illustrated by Michael Horen

By Miriam Chaikin; illustrated by Vera Rosenberry

Esther’s Story
By Diane Wolkstein; illustrated by Juan Wijngaard

Holiday Treats
By Esther Hautzig; illustrated by Yaroslava

Make Noise, Make Merry: The Story and Meaning of Purim
By Miriam Chaikin; illustrated by Hitz Demi

Make Your Own Megillah: The Story of Purim
By Judyth Saypol Groner

The Purim Goat
By Yuri Suhl; illustrated by Kaethe Zemach

The Silver Megillah
By Shanedy Kesserman; illustrated by Alex Tirado

The Whole Megillah (Almost)
By Shoshana Silberman; illustrated by Katherine Kahn

Teens & Adults

Every Person’s Guide to Purim
By Ronald H. Isaacs

Holidays in Song
Compiled, edited and arranged by Velvel Pasternack

In the Jewish Tradition: A Year of Foods and Festivities
By Judith B. Fellner

The Megillah: The Book of Esther
Translated by Meir Zlotowitz

Megillat Esther
By JT Waldman
(Graphic novel in English; includes Hebrew text of Esther)

Purim Megillah
By Sol Scharfstein

The Purim Anthology
By the Jewish Publication Society of America

The Talmud for Beginners: Volume 2
By Judith Z. Abrams
(Includes a Talmudic commentary of the Scroll of Esther, or Megillat Ester)

Tastes of Jewish Tradition:
Recipes, Activities and Stories for the Whole Family

By Jody Hirsh, Idy Goodman, Aggie Goldenholz and Susan Roth;
foreword by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

Music & Video

Aleph Bet Boogie [CD]
Performed by Rabbi Joe Black

Celebrate With Cindy: Jewish Holiday Music for Children [CD]
Produced by Cindy Paley Aboody;
orchestrations, arrangements and musical direction by Uri Ophir

Classic Jewish Holiday and Shabbat Songs:
23 Songs (Lyrics Included) [CD]

By Theodore Bikel

It’s Jewish Holiday Time [CD]
By Paul Zim

The Jewish Holidays Video Guide [VHS]
By SISU Home Entertainment

Purim Songs: In Hebrew for Children and Toddlers [CD]
By Matan Ariel and Friends

Shanah Tovah (A Good Year): Songs for Jewish Holidays [CD]
Performed by Debbie Friedman

Shirim Al Galgalim: New Jewish Songs for Young Children [CD]
Performed by Debbie Friedman.

Shiron L’gan: Songs for Youth Ages 2-5 [CD]
By Transcontinental Music Publications

Shiron L’yeladim: Songs for Youth Ages 6-9 [CD]
By Transcontinental Music Publications

The Whole Megillah [VHS]
By Ergo Media Inc.

Additional Resources in the Library

The Five Scrolls:
Hebrew Texts, English Translations, Introductions and New Liturgies

Translations edited by Albert H. Friedlander;
introductions co-edited by Herbert Bronstein and Albert H. Friedlander;
liturgies edited by Herbert Bronstein; illustrated and designed by Leonard Baskin

The Babylonian Talmud v.1
Translated into English with notes, glossary and indices under the editorship of
Rabbi Dr. I. Epstein; foreward by the Very Rev. the Chief Rabbi Dr. J.H. Hertz

Hilchot Ta’aniot and Hilchot Megillah VaChanukah
(The Laws of Fasts [and] The Laws of [Reading] the Megillah and of Chanukah):
A New Translation With Commentaries and Notes

Original text by Moses Maimonides (1135-1204); translated by Eliyahu Touger

The Megillah: [Megillat Ester]
Illustrated by Jossi Stern; calligraphy by Noah Ophir

Talmud Bavli: The Schottenstein Edition
The Gemara: The Classic Vilna Edition

Elucidated by Rabbi Yisroel Reisman


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