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Temple Emanu-El’s website was developed through the
dedication and hard work of many individuals.

Our grateful appreciation goes out to our clergy, administrators and board of trustees for supporting this project, as well as to all our staff who contributed to its creation. Special thanks are offered to our excellent website development team, particularly Mark Weisstuch, Mark Heutlinger, Rodney Rogers, Kathryn Roberts, Bobby Rambali, Louis Polanco, Sean Oakes, Sam Nelson, Ben Abrams, Rene Christen and all the folks at Clever Name Here.

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Richard Bram, Roey Yohai Photography, Gary K. Deane; Elizabeth Stabler; Will Star, Shooting Stars Pro; Rona Weinstein.

Paul Colliton; Renée Ann Del Percio; Elizabeth Harnarine; Sarah Lewis; Samuel Morgan; Bobby Rambali; Kathryn Roberts; Brian Rose; Will Star, Shooting Stars Pro;  M.J. Wiesnowski, Something in Blue, New York City. Finding Refuge in America (attributed to Joseph Keller, NY: Hebrew Publishing Co., 1909) image from the collection of Congregation Emanu-El, Gift from Gail and Milton Cooper.

Virtual Tour computer visualization/animation and main photography
by Rspline Inc., New York City. Supplemental photography by Sam Calello,
Paul Colliton, Laurie Donald, Arthur Femenella, Albert Jensen-Moulton and Brian Rose. Text by Mark Heutlinger, Kathryn Roberts and Elka Deitsch.

Historical Timeline design/visualization by Sean Oakes Studios Inc.
Text by Kathryn Roberts and Elka Deitsch, based on various resources, including materials from our Temple Archives and “The Congregation: A Historical Perspective” by Dr. Ronald B. Sobel, which appears in A Temple Treasury: The Judaica Collection of Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York, as well as “Our Place in History” by Reva Godlove Kirschberg (of blessed memory).

Will Brown, Philadelphia; Arthur Femenella, Femenella & Associates, Inc.;
Albert Jensen-Moulton, Glück Orgelbau; Sarah Lewis; Frank Moscati; 
Kathryn Roberts; Brian Rose; Malcolm Varon, New York City;
M.J. Wiesnowski, Something in Blue, New York City.

Joseph Magliacane; Daniel D’Ottavio Photography; Christian Grattan; Kathryn Roberts;
M.J. Wiesnowski, Something in Blue, New York City.

Ben Asen Photography, Inc.; Richard Bram; Gary K. Deane; Renée Del Percio; Amy B. Ehrlich; Melanie Einzig; Erin Frome;
Scott Gries; Jayson Jons; Danny Mishkin; Frank Moscati; Kathryn Roberts.

Ben Asen Photography, Inc.; Maria Espejo; Miriam Reines; Kathryn Roberts.

Malcolm Varon. Online exhibitions designed by Hirsch & Associates, Fine Arts Services.

Ben Asen Photography, Inc.; Paul Colliton; Sarah Lewis; Frank Moscati;
Brian Rose; Will Star, Shooting Stars Pro. Original mosaic renderings by Hildreth Meière.

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