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Weekly/Holiday Music Program

Sabbath of July 1 and 2, 2011

Organist: Andrew Henderson


Opening — God of Our Fathers George W. Warren (Union Hymnal)
Bor’chu/Sh’ma F.V.D. Stucken
Mi Chomocho William Sparger
V’shom’ru Aminadav Aloni
Oseh Shalom Ben Steinberg
Anthem — The Lady With the Lamp Max Helfman
Adoration Julius Chajes/Ernest Bloch/Julius Chajes
Kiddush Max Helfman
Closing — God Bless America Irving Berlin


Torah Portion: Chukat

Opening — My Country, ’Tis of Thee Henry Carey (Union Hymnal)
Bor’chu/Sh’ma Emanuel Kirschner
Mi Chomocho/Tzur Yisrael Emanuel Kirschner
K’dushah Emanuel Kirschner, adapted Lori Corrsin
Yih’yu Leratson Dennis Arlan
S’u Sh’orim Will C. Macfarlane
Boruch Shenosan Will C. Macfarlane, adapted Pedro d’Aquino
Sh’ma/L’cho Adonoy/Gad’lu/Hodo Al Eretz Will C. Macfarlane
Etz Chayim Max Spicker
Anthem — The Lady With the Lamp Max Helfman
Va’anachnu/On That Day Howard R. Thatcher
Closing — America the Beautiful Samuel Augustus Ward (Union Hymnal)

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