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Weekly/Holiday Music Program

Sabbath of April 22 and 23, 2011

Organist: K. Scott Warren



Opening — Uri Tzafon (Song of Songs 4:16) Dov Carmel, arr. Yehezkel Braun
Bor’chu/Sh’ma Isadore Freed
Mi Chomocho Freed
V’sham’ru Freed
Oseh Shalom Ben Steinberg
Anthem — I Am the Rose (from Song of Songs, Ch. 2) Catherine Aks
Adoration Jacob Weinberg
Kiddush Adolph Katchko
Closing — Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs 3:9-11) Braun


Torah Portion: Chol HaMo-eid Pesach

Opening — Rise Up, My Love, My Fair One
(from Song of Songs, Ch. 2)
Healey Willan
Bor’chu/Sh’ma William Sparger
Mi Chamocha Sparger
K’dushah Max Spicker
May the Words Ernest Bloch
Hodu/Ana Adonai Passover Traditional/Sholom Secunda
Lift Up Your Heads Will C. Macfarlane
Boruch Shenosan Macfarlane/adapted Pedro d’Aquino
Sh’ma/L’cho Adonoy/Gad’lu/Hodo Al Eretz Macfarlane
Etz Chayim Spicker
Anthem — Ani L’dodi (Song of Songs 6:3 and 5:1) Sephardic Melody
Va’anachnu/On That Day Hunter Tillman
Closing — I Am the Rose of Sharon
(from Song of Songs, Ch. 2)
William Billings

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