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Understanding the Seder: A Passover Guide

The imperative of the seder is to tell the story: to explore it, probe it, question it and, thus, to make it brilliantly vivid. The Exodus from Egypt is the formative event of the Jewish people, and the aim of the seder is to see ourselves inside this narrative, to relive the experience in the present. The Haggadah embraces many questions, and there are things each family does differently, all to prod our curiosity and provoke discussions that draw us deeper into the sequence of events that take us from slavery to freedom and then to revelation and redemption.

The Ten Plagues


Welcoming Elijah


“Chad Gadya”


Next Year in Jerusalem!

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The following commentaries about the seder are offered here as a springboard to explore further and understand the significance of our story.

Before the Haggadah
Was Brought Into Being…


Seder by the Numbers


Miriam’s Cup and the
Orange on the Seder Plate


Breaking the Matzah




The Afikoman


The Four Questions


The Four Children


More on the Wicked Child


Magid: Telling the Story



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