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Religious School

At Temple Emanu-El’s Religious School,
Jewish education is based on two core principles.

Religious School at Temple Emanu-El from Temple Emanu-El on Vimeo.

First, Jewish learning is not only about the child but rather is a whole-family experience. Thus, we offer meaningful ways for every member of the family to connect with Judaism in every stage of life. Second, learning is not only about what happens in school but throughout our daily lives. Therefore, what we do in the classroom must matter to us in our homes, as we worship and in all the places we go.

For more information about how our Religious School operates, view our “Logistics and Frequently Asked Questions” fact sheet.

Tuition for 2018-2019 is $1575. All applications received in full (registration form and full tuition payment) by June 29, 2018, will receive a $100 discount per student. Download application here.

Download our 2018-2019 Calendar, which includes special events and school closings.

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View our Nov./Dec. 2018 calendar.

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Temple Emanu-El’s Religious School is committed to Jewish learning that is relevant, inspirational and transformative. We provide our students and their families with the tools to participate meaningfully in the Jewish community, with pride in their Jewish heritage and with the awareness that their actions will shape the future of the Jewish people.

What do Emanu-El’s students love to do at Religious School?

As part of our Congregational Day of Visioning, the Department of Lifelong Learning asked Religious School students to describe what they love about Temple Emanu-El’s Religious School in five words. Answers are featured in the graphic representation below. Words displayed in larger type appeared most frequently. For example, “learning” was one of the most cited words. (Click on the graphic for a larger version.)

It is our conviction that successful Jewish learning environments are built upon a culture of excellence, in which the teachers share their expertise and wisdom while the students take responsibility for their own learning and success. Our staff provides a sense of caring and concern that enables our students to support one another and challenge themselves to grow as individuals. For this reason, we model the thoughtfulness and mutual respect that we seek to promote in our students.

Our program involves parents, students and other members of our school community as stakeholders in its success. This means that you play as much of a role in shaping our school’s vision and culture as they influence you. We look forward to being your partners in this great endeavor.

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Copies of the 2018-2019 Religious School registration form can be downloaded in PDF format. The full Religious School tuition for 2018-2019 is $1575.  All applications received in full (registration form and full tuition payment) by June 29, 2018, will receive a $100 discount per student. Questions should be directed to the Religious School. PLEASE NOTE: In order to register a student for Religious School, at least one of the student’s legal guardians must be a member of the congregation. 

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