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Yehezkel Braun

Yehezkel BraunYEHEZKEL BRAUN (1922 – 2014) was born in Germany
and emigrated to Israel with his parents in 1924.
In 1953 Mr. Braun graduated from the Israel Academy of Music, where he studied composition with Alexander Boscovich. Two decades later he returned to the classroom and in 1972 received a master’s degree in classics (Greek and Latin philology) from Tel Aviv University. In 1966 he became a professor of music at Tel Aviv University, a post he held until his retirement. His interest in the traditions of cantillation has taken him several times to study Gregorian chant at the Solemnes Monastery of France.

Mr. Braun has written music for voices and instruments, as well as for the synagogue, theater, ballet, concert stage and cinema. His attraction to the traditional music of Jews and Arabs is evident in his hundreds of folksong arrangements and in the use of the folkloristic flavoring in many of his compositions. In 2001, Mr. Braun was awarded the Israel Prize, for music.

Mr. Braun’s twin interest in liturgical chant and Jewish folk music is reflected in many of his compositions. Among his important works inspired by Jewish subjects or Judaic themes are Psalm for Strings (1960) and Illuminations to the Book of Ruth (1966), an orchestral piece. He has composed a number of liturgical works on commission from American synagogues, including Hallel Service; V’haya (And It Shall Come to Pass), a Sabbath evening service based upon verses from Isaiah; and Shir Hama’alot, a setting of 10 Psalms for vocal quartet and string quintet. Mr. Braun has written analytical studies of melody and modality, and he has published Hebrew translations of classical Greek poetry. He also compiled and edited an anthology of traditional Jewish melodies.

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