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David Burger

David BurgerDAVID BURGER has written works that have changed the sound of contemporary Jewish choral music. His unique settings of classic Jewish texts, as well as his evocative original lyrics have thrilled audiences across North America. His settings of Zionist texts such as Megillat HaAtzma’ut and Hatikvah have inspired audiences around the world, and his setting of T’filah LiShlom Medinat Yisrael has become the anthem of the international Jewish choral movement.

Mr. Burger holds a master’s degree in music theory from Queens College. His choral works have been performed at Carnegie and Avery Fisher halls in New York, Boston’s Jordan Hall, Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv and the National Theatre of Israel in Jerusalem.

Recipient of the Alter Machlis Award in Music and of grants from the National Endowment of the Arts and the New England Council on the Arts, Mr. Burger has had works commissioned by Northeastern University and the Zamir Chorale of Boston and New York. In 2011, he was awarded the Hallel V’Zimrah Award by the Zamir Choral Foundation. He is also a multimedia director whose designs have appeared in performances throughout the United States.

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